Cold Rooms & Low Temperature Cabinets

In over 40 years of designing, installing and maintaining cold rooms, we have been involved in a vast array of cold room applications.

Cold Rooms & Low Temperature Cabinets Cold Rooms & Low Temperature Cabinets Cold Rooms & Low Temperature Cabinets


Hospital Cold Rooms & Blood Bank Installation & Maintenance

Hospitals require cold rooms and low temperature cabinets for the storage of blood and tissue. We have worked in hospitals and blood banks across the North West region. We install ultra low temperature cabinets utilising a cascading refrigeration system to achieve temperatures of - 86 degrees C, and beyond.

Cold Rooms for Drug Storage

Drugs are normally stored at 4 degrees C and are delivered in refrigerated vehicles. Products such as insulin are very temperature sensitive and for insulin storage we often have a standby refrigeration system, where we run one system for 12 hours, then it switches to other for 12 hours. If a problem occurs with one system, it will auto switch to other as backup.

Cold Rooms for Food Storage & Preparation

We can offer you a complete design and installation service for food storage cold rooms. In cold room design a number of factors come into play, these include:

  • The type of food to be stored
  • How much of the product will be input per day
  • The temperature of the food on entry
  • The food storage temperature required
  • The time required to reach the storage temperature

Vegetables are living organisms and as they are harvested they continue to produce heat – the heat of respiration. As they are washed and stored, they are usually cooled over a 24 hour period and we need to include in our calculation the heat of respiration for the volume of vegetables going into the cold room.

Localised Cooling & Humidity Control

In chilling food, it is important to manage the heat load of the product. In a potato store, the potatoes are often stored in large, stacked crates, with only small spaces between them. So here we will design the refrigeration system to blow the cold air down the gaps between the storage racks.

In vegetable preparation factories there is often a requirement to install a cold room with a humidity system. Here we will design the system to spray water under high pressure into the cold room to maintain the humidity.

Maintenance Contracts - 24 Hour Service – Including Weekends

The continuous functioning of cold rooms is critical in many applications. Airfrost offers maintenance contracts to keep equipment functioning to spec. For maintenance contract customers we also proved 24h hour cover, including weekends.

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