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Unicorn Sheet Metal Laser Cutting & Metal Components

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd is a sheet metal fabrication specialist with an expertise in laser cutting. We would like to thank our friends at Airfrost Ltd for inviting us onto their website.

Based in the North East of England, Unicorn supply precision engineered metal products to clients across the UK and beyond.

Precision Laser Cutting – Cost Savings

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works have invested in state of the art production techniques to create high quality, precision engineered parts and components for clients in every industry including air conditioning manufacture and refrigerated storage.

We now have two laser cutting machines: the Trumpf Trumatic 3050 and the Trumpf 3030. Laser cut components are produced at a much faster rate than traditional processes and raw material costs are lower due to greater efficiency and reduced wastage. With laser cutting there is no warping or variation in edges of materials. The quality of laser cut products are superior to all other sheet metal fabrication techniques including guillotining, milling and machining.

Our laser cutting machines enables us to work with 0.5mm to 20mm metal sheet with a bed capacity of 3000mm x 1500mm.

Digital Nesting Techniques & CAD Design

For even greater efficiency Unicorn Sheet Metal has invested in nesting programmes that automatically configures all components within a metal sheet to maximise units per sheet. Our laser cutters are able to accept DXF files and electronically transferred drawings.

Savings in preparation and production costs are passed on to customers making Unicorn highly competitive in all areas.

Laser Cut Sheet Metal Applications

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Laser cut techniques can be applied to an almost limitless number of industrial and commercial products and components. Recent examples of Unicorn Sheet Metal Works projects include automotive engine components, armour plated vehicle panels, carpet weaving machine parts and signs & lettering.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works customers come from every corner of the industrial world including:

  • Aviation
  • The car industry
  • Shipping
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Electrical goods manufacturers
  • Tool manufacturers
  • Retail & design companies

We are regularly asked to produce ductwork for air conditioning systems and we have developed something of an expertise at acoustic enclosures.

Traditional Sheet Metal Fabrication

Unicorn has a grounding in traditional sheeting metal fabrications. We provide a comprehensive range of sheet metal fabrication services, including MIG and TIG welding, guillotining, rolling, machining, drilling, tapping, folding and bending.

Unicorn Sheet Metal are able to guillotine sheet metal up to 3050mm in length to a thickness of 6mm and our 120 tonne Press Brake machines can fold tubing of up to 3m x 6mm plate.

As well as machine parts, industrial components and commercial applications, tradition sheet metal fabrications give us the edge in producing ventilation units, ductwork, pipe work, insulation and bracketing.

Further Information / Contact Us

For a more comprehensive list of our services, visit our website at or contact us at any time.

Tel – 0191 262 2882

Fax – 0191 295 1685

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