Air Conditioning Installation in Liverpool & Merseyside

At Airfrost Ltd we are often met by a wry smile when we tell people we install air conditioning systems to customers in Liverpool. And the people making the jokes are usually Liverpudlians who, for some reason, don’t think they enjoy a Mediterranean climate all year round.

To be fair to them, Airfrost have been to the Albert Docks in December and it might not have been as warm as we’d have liked. And we’ve shivered in the stands at Anfield, and at Goodison, wishing they were as warm as the Bernabeu. Yes, there are days when the wind whips in from the Irish Sea and yet we know that our Liverpool customers are still delighted with their Airfrost air conditioning systems.

The thing is, as many businesses across Merseyside already know, air conditioning is not simply for keeping people cool on hot days. Good quality air conditioning plays a vital role in maintaining a constant environment. Air conditioning in Liverpool hotels offers instant comfort. Air conditioning in Liverpool’s restaurants maintains a steady temperature, balancing the heat from the kitchen with the outside air. Air conditioning in shopping centres and department stores in Liverpool brings cool, fresh, clean air to free-spending customers.

Airfrost Ltd design air conditioning systems that are unique to every client, taking into account the architectural features of the building and the needs of the business. Air conditioning from Airfrost is energy efficient and cost effective.

Being a north west company, Airfrost engineers are in Liverpool and Merseyside on an almost daily basis. As well as designing and installing air conditioning systems for clients in Liverpool we offer great deals on air conditioning servicing and maintenance. Our engineers are F-Gas registered and can advise on replacements for R22 refrigerants.

Airfrost also supply chiller cabinets, bar & cellar equipment and cold food storage products to restaurants, bars, hotels and shops across Liverpool, Merseyside and the north west of England.

airfrost Air Conditioning, ventilation, cold storage & chiller display cabinets in Liverpool & Merseyside

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