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As air conditioning contractors, Airfrost Ltd, are committed to providing a low cost, tailored solution for each customer whether its for hospital air conditioning systems, chilled storage used by the food industry or close controlled cool rooms for use within computer and pharmaceutical industries.

We can design, install and maintain superior quality air conditioning systems for a vast range of applications in locations like St Helens. Our systems are used in order to keep computers appropriately cooled and functioning well. They are utilised as VRV systems for offices giving a safe and pleasant working environment. Hospitals, blood banks and other medical facilities which require safe storage and a constantly monitored temperature use our high performance technology. Our clients also include the food retail sector, restaurants, hotels, pubs and leisure complexes, who benefit from our 40 years of experience and knowledge.

Reliable and efficient refrigeration is crucial for delicatessens, fast food outlets, sandwich shops, butchers, coffee shops, confectioners, off licences, caf├®s and general convenience stores. We are specialist contractors supplying an excellent range of serve over counters, multidecks, cake fridges, open fronted food displays, ice cream parlour storage, glass door display freezers and open top display freezers. The products used in these applications have to demonstrate an unfailing reliability, and receive regular maintenance so as to avoid any risk of malfunction.

Airfrost Ltd are qualified contractors who install, maintain and service all kinds of refrigeration equipment for retailers in Southport, Liverpool, Ormskirk, Wigan, Preston, Warrington, St Helens and across the whole of the North West. Airfrost contractors supply top of the range equipment from names like like Mitsubishi, Daikin, Hitachi and Fujitsu for customer peace of mind and reduced energy costs.

Recent Liverpool Air Conditioning Project

We have recently refurbished a supermarket refrigeration compressor pack in a supermarket in Liverpool. The pack serves all of the refrigeration equipment in the supermarket.

The pack eliminates the need for each fridge or freezer to have its own compressor. The compressors cut in as demand rises and as the temperature falls, each can fall out of operation.

This system also provides back up, with spare capacity lying in the additional compressors.airfrost

To discuss our products or services call Airfrost Ltd on 01704 840948.

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