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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Specialist Contractors

Airfrost have more than 30 years experience in the design, supply and installation of air conditioning, refrigeration units and close control cold room technology.

Based in Lancashire and covering the North West of England, Airfrost┬áwork directly with businesses, retail outlets, hospitals, workshops and factories – anywhere where there is a need to keep products, equipment or the environment at exact termperatures.

Our clients include hospitals and pharmaceutical companies where medicines or medical supplies need to be maintained at constant temperatures.

Airfrost supply and maintain air conditioning systems for offices, schools and retail establishments, improving working conditions and the business environment. One particular area of specialism is installing air conditioning systems in computer rooms. Our air conditioning units sit on frames in sections. Instead of cooling the surrounding air, cold air is fed through the computer unit keeping it cool.

We fit refrigerated storage units and cold rooms in pubs, bars, restaurants, delicatessans and any location where food and drink needs to be stored at optimum temperatures. Our products include cellar cooling systems, bottle coolers and glass door refrigerators. We fit cold rooms, food displays, stainless steel chiller and freezer cabinets, blast chillers and freezers.

All Airfrost engineers are F Gas Registered. Every business owning an air conditioning system holding more than 5kg of refrigerant has a legal requirement regarding its servicing and maintenance. Airfrost offer servicing and maintenance contracts for almost all air conditioning and refrigeration products and we can ensure that our customers meet their legal obligations regarding F Gas refrigerant.

For further information on Airfrost air conditioning or refrigeration products, or on maintenance and servicing plans, check out or website or please contact us on 01704 840948.

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