Energy Efficient Air Conditioning & Temperature Control

Airfrost continue to provide the full complement of refrigeration products, chiller units, cold storage cabinets and cold rooms to clients as diverse as restaurants and hospitals, factories and bars.

One area of business that continues to go from strength to strength is in the design and installation of air conditioning systems for workplaces, shops, hotels and restaurants.

The maintenance of a comfortable ambient temperature has many advantages. For the retailer it creates an atmosphere that is welcoming to customers. For employers, climate control increases productivity and morale. Airfrost have decades of experience in creating the optimum environment for every client.

For many years Airfrost have been at the forefront of designing combined air conditioning and ventilation systems. Improvements in heat exchange technology that use highly efficient VAM heat recovery units or VRV systems have led to great benefits in energy efficiency and lower running costs to Airfrost clients. Combined ventilation and air conditioning utilises latent heat energy to maintain constant temperature and humidity while providing clean fresh air wherever it is needed.

All air conditioning systems designed by Airfrost are tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. Recent projects include the installation of air conditioning in computer rooms. Rather than cool the surrounding air, cooled air is channelled directly through computer units increasing efficiency and lowering running costs.

At Airfrost we are able to design and install air conditioning systems that run in conjunction with other refrigeration products, creating the correct temperatures for every need. A simple example of this is in supplying air conditioning and cooling systems for a hospital where air conditioning is used to maintain ideal temperatures on wards while cold rooms and cold stores are used for storing pharmaceutical and blood products.

For further information on how temperature control systems can help your business check out the website at or give Airfrost a call on 01704 840948.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning & Temperature Control

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