Get Ready for Refrigeration Day

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Put a note on your calender for the 26th June, as this has been announced as annual World Refrigeration Day. Industry trade associations and professional bodies worldwide have collaborated to establish the day and promote the important role of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps.

It will inform the general public and raise awareness about the many positive benefits provided by these technologies and the industry as a whole. The impact of the technology has been underestimated in the past, but it’s hoped that the special day will address this. Organisations and industry professionals globally will provide a range of activities to open the eyes of the public.

The concept of Refrigeration Day was created and has been the personal crusade of well known industry figure and IOR president, Steve Gill. He concedes that the idea of an industry day is nothing new, although achieving a fixed date agreed upon by all certainly is!

Mr Gill said: “Refrigeration has such a long and fascinating history full of inventors, engineering pioneers, scientists, and industrial entrepreneurs from around the world, all of whom deserve to be recognised and remembered for their valuable contribution. With such a long and rich history, agreeing upon a date has proven to be challenging even at a national level, let alone an international one. However, the industry is united in its desire to raise its profile to the general public for all the right reasons and so we were able to build solidarity upon many common goals and finally agree on a date.”

Refrigeration innovations and applications have arisen and formed over the centuries, due to a human need for food, health and comfort. In fact modern day life as we know it would not exist if not for the industry, and the skills and knowledge of engineers and other professionals.

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