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airfrost rhinosIf you need to carry out work in Antarctica, it has to be done in the summer months, which in that part of the world is of course October to February. The machinery required, can only function in temperatures around 0 to 5°C, and would struggle or freeze during the colder months. This can delay the proceedings at the various research stations dotted around, including the Rothera Research Station. These research stations function all year round, but trying to cram much needed upgrades and improvements into 5 months can be inconvenient.

Enter the custom-tailored, rough-terrain Genie Z-45 XC boom lift, specially adapted to perform in freezing temperatures. This piece of kit will assist Royal BAM Group in supporting the needs of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and partners NERC, Sweco and Ramboll. The machine has been at the site for a year now, and is exceeding expectations with its efficiency. The Genie Z-45 XC boom lift will remain on site for five years to assist in a range of tasks. Some of the work involves the modernisation of the research station, along with facilities improvements at this and other stations. Another major project entails expanding the mooring facilities for the new RRS Sir David Attenborough polar vessel.

Account manager of Netherlands-based authorised Genie distributor HDW Wilco Donkersloot said: “The Genie Z-45 XC boom lift combines the advantages of rough-terrain performance and increased lift capabilities, allowing up to two people with more materials and tools on the platform. This is a strong productivity benefit that made this model perfect for the job.

He added: “Naturally, the unit required a number of modifications to adapt to Antarctica’s extreme conditions. Among others, we chose a gel battery that is more resistant to freezing temperatures and has a longer lifespan. The standard battery pack was replaced by a more powerful battery offering a peak capacity of 1,100CCA that we connected to a trickle charger to ensure that the maximum battery power would always be guaranteed.

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