High Precision Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication

Airfrost marketing partners, Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd have just what it takes when it comes to high precision laser cutting for sheet metal fabrication. In fact, they now have two of them.

In a recent article on the partner pages of the Airfrost website, Unicorn Sheet Metal describe the advantage of laser cut sheet metal in the production of metal components and machine parts.

Laser cutting is quicker than traditional sheet metal fabrication techniques. It produces less wastage, especially when used in conjunction with digital nesting programmes. Laser cutting is more accurate and creates an even finish making subsequent assembly or welding much easier. All of these benefits are passed on to Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd customers as cost savings and faster turnaround.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works has a history of investing in the latest technology for sheet metal fabrication. They now operate two Trumpf laser cutting machines, capable of processing 3m x 1.5m plate metal between 0.5mm and 20mm thick. Unicorn’s laser cutting machines are able to read DFX files making the transition from design to production simplicity itself.

Traditional sheet metal fabrication techniques still play a vital role at Unicorn Sheet Metal Works and the 120 tonne Press Brake machine can fold tube up to 3m x 6mm plate. Along with MIG welding, TIG welding, drilling, machining, tapping, rolling, bending and guillotining, Unicorn Sheet Metal are skilled and experienced in producing no end of metal products from ducts and pipes to machine assembly parts.

Unicorn Sheet Metal clients come from every industry right across the UK and in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. From aviation to shipping, car manufacture to textiles, Unicorn provide the parts that drive manufacturing.

For further information check out the Unicorn page on the Airfrost website or for examples of recent Unicorn Sheet Metal Works projects visit them at www.unicornlasercutting.co.uk.

High Precision Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication from Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd

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