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Flour productionProjects carried out by specialists such as Salford Engineering, demand accuracy and precision. They work with some of the biggest and most reputable manufacturers in the food processing industry, so attention to detail is essential. One of their recent projects involved the installation of the first UK Buhler Al-Pesa system. This state of the art equipment is used to produce a traditional “Chakki” flour, to the highest food quality and safety standards. Salford Engineering are a preferred installer for major manufacturer Buhler UK.

The Buhler Al-Pesa system consisted of a modular, integrated high compression grinding mill and flour handling system, and the installation was overseen by a Buhler supervisor. This is standard practice to ensure a satisfactory result, as there often has to be significant reconfiguration. This was the case with this particular project, which was completed on time and within budget. The principle project contractor was SES, who also ensured everybody’s health, welfare and safety. The successful installation was impressively carried out amid two national lock downs.

Overcoming Design Challenges

Salford Engineering are frequently faced with challenges throughout their many and varied projects for the food processing industry. Sometimes they identify difficulties as with an installation for CPUK in Staverton, Northamptonshire. A site survey revealed that it would not be possible to install the independent foundations without undermining the existing structure of the silo. After some thought and several discussions, they came up with the idea of installing a new steel building for the equipment.

The work was completed without issue as they manufactured a 13 tonne, 9.2mtr high platform extension to the main building. The galvanised steel frame was expertly designed, fabricated and built by Salford Engineering Solutions Ltd. These are just a few examples of the kind of services offered by Salford Engineering, and the reasons for their excellent reputation.


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